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The Spooky Self-Care Society

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Self-care has become a fashionable and quotable phrase, so the true meaning of the term is a little blurry. When I was having a tough time and was searching for straightforward and clear steps to help me take care of myself a little better, I was bombarded with fluffy pink floral images and vague self-care tips all over Pinterest and Instagram. This wasn't what I was after, I wanted real, easy-to-follow self-care steps that I could recall whenever I needed to.

what is true self-care?

 True self-care is just checking in with yourself like you would with a friend, asking yourself what you need (emotionally, physically, mentally) and making sure you get it.

It's ensuring that you are taking conscious and regular steps to recharge your batteries, which can help you in other areas of your life.

What is the Spooky Self-Care Society?

When I was gathering true self-care steps together that worked for me, I added a spooky prompt or two to the five aspects of self-care to just remind me how to bring these simple supporting steps into my everyday routine. And now I'm sharing them here so they can help you too.


[Remember - these prompts are not yet another daily checklist you have to complete, they are in no specific order, and you definitely don't have to fulfil all of them every single day - most of the time this will add even more pressure when you're already feeling low. Take what you need, when you need it.]

[Each link opens in a new window, so you can come back and check out the next one.]

Learn more about the Spooky Self-Care Society

Join the Spooky Self-Care Society Facebook group and share your experiences in a safe space, check out regular prompts and whats working for other members, or just talk with new friends.

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Tag your self-care photos with #spookyselfcaresociety on Instagram for a chance to be shared - anonymously if you'd prefer.

You can also shop the makers who are sending messages of self-care and well-being out into the world through the Spooky Self-Care Society section in the Boo-tique store, and learn a little more about the people behind each design while supporting indie creatives at the same time. This part of the Society is coming soon, and there will be more added regularly as we grow together. Make sure you're following the Boo-tique on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

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By putting some of these steps in place, you are slowly changing many of the subconscious habits you have had up until now, for new ones. This takes time. Believe me, I'm still looking at these reminders regularly because I'm not there yet!

So join in with me, and we'll get there together.

Kitty x

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