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The Witch's Hat - Sensory Self-Care

Sensory Grounding Techniques

Something I found that works really well for me is sensory self-care. This is so helpful when you feel yourself on the verge of a panic attack or need to focus a little more and come back into yourself. 
You can do this by using all of your senses - finding something you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste - this is known as grounding. The best thing about this process is that you can do this anywhere. Take yourself outside, do this on the bus on your way to work, or even from your bed or sofa if that's all you can manage today. It's ok. 
Start by taking a few deep breaths in, and long and complete breaths out. 
look around you
Now slowly find one thing you can see - this can be anything around you. Try looking up to the ceiling, or the sky, at the trees, or at a picture on the wall. Study everything about your chosen object for a little while, remind yourself to breathe slowly.
close your eyes and listen
Next, focus on something you can hear. Sounds outside the window, the wind through the trees, traffic, I always try and tune in to birds singing if I can. 
breathe it in
nice or not, smells will definitely bring you back to earth! Even if you can't smell anything, focus on the feeling of air as you breathe slowly in, and out.
touch something
Touch will usually be the most simple to do and I often find this the most effective. Feel the ground or floor under your feet, gently rub your hands together, carry a thumb stone with you for when you need it.
taste something
Taste can be a tough one if you're not eating at the time, but even tasting the inside of your mouth counts! Do this while practicing slow breathing and you'll feel the breath in your mouth, which also helps you focus. 
want to learn more about sensory self-care?
You might be wondering why this is labelled as 'find magic every day' - it's one of my favourite things. Taking your mind away from all the thoughts, even for just a moment to focus on something outside of yourself is a simple step, and can be pretty magical. Try it and see if it helps, and head over to The Spooky Self-Care Society Facebook Group to share what's working for you.