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The Pumpkin - Intellectual Self-Care

Intellectual Self-Care

Our minds are full every day with tasks and things to remember, but when was the last time you remember consciously making space in your schedule to exercise your creative mind - not to make something for someone (a friend or a customer for those of you who have a creative business), but just for you? If you're already doing this, that's amazing! But if we're honest, so many of us don't make time for ourselves. We're conditioned to think that this is selfish, which is kinda silly because how can we help others if we're not in a good place ourselves?

So, The Pumpkin signifies intellectual self-care and reminds you to carve out some time for yourself (get it?)
This practice can be so helpful to balance your mind, and just like meditation, other issues which have seemed impossible can become clearer if you step away from them and concentrate on something else for a while. 
Try the steps below and see what works for you:
find what comforts you
My favourite is reading before I go to sleep. I get so wonderfully tangled up in stories that my mind relaxes and I feel new ideas coming to the surface, so I keep a notebook next to my bed and jot them down as they come. Sometimes when I read them the next day they don't make sense straight away, but the main thing is I got them out of my head and onto paper so they weren't rattling around in my brain and keeping me awake, which helps too!
get creative in your own way
Find a simple hobby or pastime, maybe learn something new, rediscover something you used to love, and just go with it. This can be mindful colouring, knitting, drawing, painting, learning a new language, anything that keeps your mind active but takes you away from the day-to-day, even if its just for a little while. Find something portable if you can, and use that daily train journey or commute time just for you.
You may start to notice the difference in your mindset and finding that you can come back to your everyday tasks more clearly and make decisions more confidently, or you may just learn a new skill or discover a love for a craft. Either way, intellectual self-care and taking this little bit of time away is essential.
Soon, I'll have a selection of crafts and activities that you can do to help you take your mind off things, and maybe learn something new. For now, head to The Spooky Self-Care Society Facebook group and share what's working for you, or pop the hashtag #spookyselfcaresociety in your photos on Instagram to share your creativity and calming practices.