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Self-Care Freebies/Downloadables

Exercises, worksheets, downloadables and printables for your self-care routine. Share your finished work by tagging @thespookyselfcaresociety on Instagram or with #spookyselfcaresociety <3

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2021 Hopes

Neil Gaiman shared some thoughts and hopes for 2021. Download and print for a little gentle motivation throughout the year.

Download ‘2021 Hopes’ illustration

What If Worksheet

Work through your 'what-if' worries.

Download the What If Worksheet


Reflections Worksheet

A reflection worksheet for the end of your day.

Download Reflection Worksheet

A colouring sheet featuring a quote from John Lennon - 'Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok, it's not the end'. Created through my art space The Kitschenette.

Download 'Be OK' colouring sheet

A colouring sheet featuring The Cat, designed to inspire calm and focus. 

Download Calming Colouring sheet

A colouring sheet to inspire your creativity! Share on Instagram and tag @thespookyselfcaresociety or head over to the Facebook group to show us your artwork!

Download Crafty Colouring Sheet PDF



Star breathing is such a great and simple exercise. Just start on any 'breathe in' side. Breathe in, hold and breathe out for a few seconds on each side until you have gone around the whole star.

Download Star Breathing PDF


A few thoughts for your morning, pop this up in your bathroom, on your dresser or on your fridge to start your day with a little positivity.

Download Morning Thoughts PDF

Instructions for some gentle stretches that can be done sitting down, with a few spooky illustrations to help.

Download Stretches PDF