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Pick Your Potion

So you started with your choice of trinket, now you're looking for colour inspiration! With 12 different hand-mixed potions to choose from, I've included a little colour magic guide to help you find the best shade for your purpose.

Ruby/Red - Conjuring love, energy, confidence, determination and passion

Pumpkin/Orange - Brings joy, warmth, helps with writer's/artist's block

Peach - Puts people at ease, charming, inspires politeness in others

Sunshine/Yellow - Encourages happiness and creativity, useful when you are feeling down or sad to inject some positivity into your day.

Chartreuse/Yellow-Green - Invokes feelings of springtime, encouraging new beginnings and growth, also useful in money spells with the added positivity of yellow

Mermaid/Turquoise - Aids creative thought, brings balance and calm to emotions, encourages empathy and intuition

Cloud/Blue - Dreams, inner peace, use to communicate your truth fully

Lavender - Quiet confidence, a gentle reminder to breathe and stay calm

Violet - Knowledge and higher consciousness, get in touch with your intuition

Magenta - Brings feelings of creativity, fearlessness, self love and compassion

Hot Pink - the colour of pride and universal love, packs a punch!

Midnight/Black - Helps with grounding, protection, self control, banishing negative vibes