How to make a Magical Trinket

With infinite combinations, you can create a completely unique trinket.

Colours with meaning, hand-drawn and painted charms depicting plants, herbs and objects which people have felt to have magical properties for centuries, or enchanted items portrayed in classic literature (coming soon)

You get to decide your trinket from a wide selection of pins, brooches, necklaces and more in many shapes and sizes and you pick your potion (or colour, but potion is more fun, right?) from a collection of 12 different shades when you decide on your trinket. Add this to your cart for safe keeping, noting the number of charms you can fit inside.

Then, choose the charms for whatever purpose you want your trinket to have, and I will combine all elements together to make your trinket. 

As with all magic, your trinket components will have whatever meaning you put into it or want to get out of it - or just pick whatever you think looks good!

However, if you're looking to build a trinket and charm combination with a powerful meaning, for yourself or for a gift, I've explained the meaning or history behind each charm on its individual page.