Behind the Sofa Podcast

  • Episode 35. Prince of Darkness

    Ollie and Kirsty review listener recommended "Prince of Darkness", speculate on what "Mickey Mousing" is and yearn for one last moustache ride...
  • Episode 34. The Reshuffle III

    On today's episode Kirsty and Ollie rejig the list, probably offend some horror fans and invite you to throw some new movies into contention for The List!
  • Episode 33. Kill, Baby...Kill! (1966)

    Ollie and Kirsty discuss Mario Bava's "Kill, Baby, Kill!", ponderings on cobweb manufacture and hoping that Disney don't sue.
  • Episode 32. The Old Dark House (1932)

    Ollie and Kirsty discuss "The Old Dark House", Aliens withdrawal and Boris Karloff's yearbook photo.
  • Episode 31. Aliens

    Ollie and Kirsty are joined by Morgan and Toby to discuss Aliens, shoes and inappropriate toy lines in super nerdy detail.
  • Episode 30 - Black Christmas

    Ollie and Kirsty discuss Black Christmas, police ineptitude and the essentials for fleeing the house when you know there's a killer upstairs.
  • Episode 29 - Black Sunday

    Ollie and Kirsty discuss Mario Bava's Black Sunday, vampires who look like bus drivers and the adventures of Dr Beefcake M.D and Signor Hair Piece.
  • Episode 28 - Hellraiser

    On Episode 28, Ollie and Kirsty discuss Clive Barker's Hellraiser, sexy, demon butchers and answer the age old question "Just how many thrusts is too many?" 
  • Episode 27 - Get Out

    Listen now! We're delving into Jordan Peele's layered horror 'Get Out', number 76 on our countdown of the top 100 horror movies of all time.  Come...
  • Episode 26 - The Fog

    Listen now! We're discussing John Carpenter's supernatural revenge movie The Fog, number 77 on our countdown of the top 100 horror movies of all ti...
  • Episode 25 - Ginger Snaps

    Listen now! We're discussing female teen werewolf movie Ginger Snaps, and a couple of other off-list movies we've watched recently.  Head here to w...
  • Episode 24 - A Quiet Place

    Listen here! We're reviewing 2018's A Quiet Place, putting a new spin on the term 'silent horror'.  Come and tell us your thoughts on Facebook and ...